Cydia Download to Customize your iOS 9 device

Do you ever get tired of the restrictions Apple devices have on their operating system? Do you want cydia download? Do you want more apps than the ones found in the Apple App Store? Then try the Cydia App Store where you can find additional applications, themes, tweaks, extensions, add ons, games and more. All you have to do is jailbreak your iOS 9.0.2 device by downloading the software from a reliable source to a computer which will be transferred through a USB cable on your iPhone, iPad Air 2, iPod touch or Apple TV. Then the application jailbreaks the root access to the operating system of your iOS device.

The procedure is not harmful for the device. An iPhone 6s that has been jailbroken will be used as before, it continues to access the Apple App Store, can still make calls and use iTunes. The one thing that will change will be the fact that you’ll have access to more apps than before!

When you update the device you must delete the jailbreak then load it again. If that seems too much hard work, you can try Semi-Restoring the device, which will give you a partial iOS update to the version you currently have.

The Cydia app gives you access to a variety of apps that aren’t found in the Apple App Store. The reason for this is that Apple chooses only a handful of applications from the ones submitted simply because they have apps with a similar function or they don’t think that the app is a good representation of their brand. To have access to more apps you have to jailbreak your device and after that you will have the Cydia download with the jailbreak download and the Cydia App will appear on the home screen/ springboard of the device.

Not all apps in the Cydia store work well and some may contain files that can damage your device, so you should backup the device and do some research about the app before you download it from the Cydia store.

From the moment the first iPhone appeared there was a way to jailbreak it and along with iOS 9 updates so do new versions of jailbreak’s are needed, so make sure you have the latest version of the jailbreak on your device.

It can be easier to get a free jailbreak but it might not work properly and can be out of date. Make sure you visit the most reliable website on the internet that keeps your jailbreak up to date to download your jailbreak for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV.

Canopy Safari Cydia iOS 9 Tweak

From the tons of tweaks that somehow add electricity to Safari and/or mobile internet browsing in your iPhone, Canopy stands as an excellent and an incredibly strong tweak.

So far as Ive seen, understood and used, Canopy simply blows the mind by clubbing a great deal of helpful attributes and strapping them on to Mobile Safari.
Its a well known fact that Apples users give the greatest share of mobile web browsers and which includes traffic from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. By The Way, Safari picks up the top place but its surprising to notice just how many attributes Mobile Safari misses in comparison to other mobile browsers and a unique parent, the desktop version.
Canopy solves this in a sense that youd be mind blown in case you utilize Mobile Safari a great deal. Heres a gist of attributes that Canopy adds to Safari:
Enhanced lately shut pages
Faucet-n-hold on Bookmarks, History, Reading List or iCloud things to duplicate their URL. This could then be shared or added to other aspects of Safari.
Python Paste & Search characteristic for quicker browsing
Power to mark reading lists as read/unread
House Display shortcut icon customization
There are a few more interesting characteristics which are completely about the practical-side of it.
Besides all this, in the Settings page of Canopy, it is possible to tweak what long-press does. In other words, it is possible to configure the activities related to long-press (of page button or bookmarks button).
Most of the attributes are poised to generate browsing on Safari fully quick, smooth and as much as you possibly can, similar to the expertise on desktop computer.
Its a bargain.

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How To Get Five Icons in Springboard Dock with a Cydia Tweak

Even before iPhone 6s came about, folks happen to be believing in relation to fives rather than fours.

So when Evad3rs eventually gave us the jailbreak, among the primary things I set out to do was check out these things once more. Four work flawlessly and although they’re not aesthetically pleasant, functionality is kick ass.


Well have a look at four iOS 9.x compatible tweaks which work fantastically well.

  • Five Icon Dock
  • Five Icon Switcher
  • Five Icon Folder

1. I did attempt (and although it didn’t adhere for me), if you’re a lover of having five columns of icons on your own iPhone dashboard, it is the tweak you need to install. Quite awesome, though.

2.Five Icon DockFive Icon Dock Cydia TweakWell, the name says everything. As revealed below in the pic, Five Icon Dock makes your dock more affluent (although giving the appearances) by adding an additional icon to the dock. If you’re a power user who wants that yet another program to the dock therefore it shows up everywhere, that is the tweak you need to be trying to find. Operates flawlessly in iOS 9.1.

3. That could be slightly more practical than being forced to keep swiping till the planned program comes up, right? Five Icon Switcher gets this done, no perspiration.

4. Interestingly, Five Icon Folder goes beyond simply making folders house five icons. It’s possible for you to place how many icons from within Settings. That’s a difficulty I certainly hope the devs would solve shortly.

Oh, if you’re trying to find the five-rows, you’ll want both of those matters:
Springtomize 2 or Five iRow for Iconoclasm (which means you’ll have to get Iconoclasm by the way.)

AirDrop fix for iOS 9

What if due to some unknown motives AirDrop isn’t working in iOS 9.1, how do you want to troubleshoot it?

There could be many motives of AirDrop not working in iOS 9.2. Before going ahead together with the procedure so that you can sort it out, lets check out several things.Airdrop_iOS8

The best way to Correct AirDrop Not Working In iOS 9

Ensure that your iOS device is compatible.
Must check out whether a specific program supports AirDrop or not. To do this, just tap on Share button and check out when there is an AirDrop choice.
Programs like, Pictures, Contacts and Safari possess the support of AirDrop.
For those who have checked out all the previously listed advice, now is the the right time to move ahead together with the procedure for troubleshooting the bug of AirDrop.
The best way to Correct AirDrop Not Working In iOS 9

AirDrop cant work if WIFI and Bluetooth are turned off. There are just two ways whereby it is possible to turn on WIFI and Bluetooth.
Launching Settings program and after that turn on WIFI and Bluetooth.

Swipe up the display of your device from base, Control Center will appear.
AirDrop doesnt function by simply turning on WIFI and Bluetooth. You must turn it on at the same time.
Measure #1. Swipe up the display from underside.

Measure #2.

Measure #3. Exploit on Everyone

Recall: Here you get four choices

Away: It allows you to turn off AirDrop.
Everyone: It lets you transfer your files with any compatible Apple Devices.
Contacts Just: It allows you to transfer your files with just those that have been in your contact list having valid Apple ID.
Cancel: It allows you to cancel the procedure.
It’s possible for you to harness on Everyone or Contacts Just depending on your own wish as well as the requirement to do this.

Reboot your apparatus. Occasionally your device may cease working correctly due to some technical glitches. The most effective method it is possible to solve this temporary glitch is by simply powering down your apparatus and after that starting it away again.

Hopefully, your AirDrop bug will probably be fixed now.

AirDrop makes communicating between like apparatus so simple. Initially, it had been began with only Mac to Mac. And now with iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite, it’s permitted across all Apple apparatus. The so called cross communicating was updated to a brand new amount so that you can bring more efficiency for Apple apparatus users.

Why Cydia beside App Store

App Store has some pretty good apps but the some developers of those apps go of the grid or the contact information on their websites is wrong. In other words in this case you have purchased an app that will not have any support. Because of a more open market on Cydia store, developers end up helping you even with the smaller problems. From my point this is a result of the guidelines imposed by Apple where rejected developers want mainly to get noticed not make money. Or maybe like a rumor I have heard that there are some guidelines in cydia too where developers must offer support and fix the issues regularly. And the differences don’t stop here.

cydia app store

Considering my last statement regarding App Store’s guidelines you probably see that there are no tweaks, ringtones or themes.  Well cydia opened the doors to these kinds of packages those increasing the polarity of the jailbreak world. If you want to read more about jailbreaking, apps, tweaks head to

cydia v appstore

iPhone or any other iDevice is like a super car but a limited one, stripped by the things it can do, where the jailbreak procedure is that delimiter. This way you will end up customizing your device with all the nice cydia features. So if your device is not jailbroken then I suggest you try it. For me the eye catchy was because of the themes. I was tired to see other devices that can benefit from this simple function of changing the ui appearance, or that of installing tweaks and mods. The only downside to this is that you need to sources/repositories to get on these packages. After jaibreaking cydia comes loaded only with the most important no essential repositories, where you can still find some good apps and tweaks.

Google Voice Search Coming Soon on Chrome for iOS

Google Voice Search will be implemented in Google Chrome for iOS in the next few days according to Google, and in the pictures above you a demonstration of how the system would work. Basically users will have a button above the keyboard allows you to access Google Voice Search system without having to use Google Search for iOS, so now Google Chrome will provide full functionality for all those interested.
google voice for ios
The next version of the system will bring a cache which allows faster reloading web pages if you have a poor internet connection, and finally implement the system remains about which I have spoken here. Google did not specify the date when the update will be released, but will appear as soon as I know. Google Chrome for iOS is available for free in the App Store.

This particular strategy that Google is adopting is an interesting one, since we’ve seen in the past period an increasing presence of Google in iOS devices, and if you are to look at it in a different way, can you not already use Siri on your iPhone to search directly for the information you require? Could this be a new  Google strategy to start rendering Siri useless and prove their superiority to Apple? Time will tell.

iRealSMS 3.0 a new way to send messages

The most apparent tweak to compare with iRealSMS it would be BiteSMS. The major distinction in between the 2 is BiteSMS is a substitute app while iRealSMS acts a lot more like a revised app with extended attributes. There’s that familiar look of QuickReply and QuickSend features, yet iRealSMS likewise includes a folders-view for your SMS, consists of inbox, drafts, outbox, and sent messages. There’s likewise the choice for establishing a blacklist for spam, built-in SMS backup, content to voice, password protection, and assistance for consult photos. The only component it’s really missing is SMS feature for the iPad and iPod Touch.


iRealSMS just received a slight update which includes assistance for utilizing Activator to open QuickSend along with one of its lots of motions and plugins.

The sad part is that this tweak comes at high price, to be more exact $8.99.

Replace Siri with Google Now

Well that didn’t take long. Simply a week after Google’s spruced up Search app with new tone modern technology made it into the App Store, a jailbreak tweak has been released that will certainly permit users to supplant it for Siri in iOS.


The tone recognition tech in the new Google Search app has received a great deal of kudos for its quick feedback times and exact results. And now, thanks to the new tweak NowNow, you could access it from anywhere.

NowNow is a simple utility for jailbroken iOS devices that enables you to introduce the Google Search application with an Activator function. There’s no Home screen icon, just a solitary option in Settings to decide on a Reactor.

As you could see, it operates rather well. So whether you’re a supporter of the Google Search app, or you’re on an older device that does not have Siri and you’re planning to load deep space, this tweak is certainly worth looking at.

If you’re fascinated, you can easily discover NowNow in Cydia, on the BigBoss repo, free of cost. You’ll clearly require a jailbroken device and the brand-new Google Search App, which is also readily available free of charge, in the App Store.

Change how your iPhone animates with DisplayCandy

When it pertains to mobile phones, modification is something that is actually prominent amongst the masses nowadays. Android’s surge to popularity is a testimony to this, as Google’s mobile OS allows its individuals do nearly everything they prefer with their devices. iOS has its positives, however no one may claim that it is the most adjustable mobile phone system on the planet. Unquestionably, there are a number of tweaks as well as themes offered in the Cydia store that permit customers to do a great deal of awesome things.

Thankfully, that does not indicate the programmers over at the jailbreak store are not attempting to make your Apple iPhone a lot more exceptional. Tweaks like DisplayCandy maintain a helping reminder to jailbreak followers of the customization prospective of the iOS that can deliver. DisplayCandy does not do a lot in regards to including brand-new performances to your jailbroken iPhone, yet if you are planning to revamp your device cosmetically, it is the right tweak for you. Thanks to DisplayCandy, you could change the stock system animations for closing and launching applications with any of the fabulous, brand-new animations provided by the tweak.

After you install DisplayCandy to your iPhone or iPod Touch, it will certainly transform the stock animations instantly. Having said that, if you do not such as the animation it establishes by default, it is feasible to play with everything as well as decide on the ones that satisfy you a lot better. You will have the possibility to change:

  • The launch of an application
  • Closing of an application
  • Going from one application to an additional one

The moment the developer of DisplayCandy includes the preview possibility, along with a couple of even more animations, the tweak will certainly come to be excellent. Having pointed out that, we need to highlight that the price of $2 is entirely warranted for DisplayCandy, as it alters the animations of iDevices without making them sustained any sort of lag. So, if you are ready to pay the rate for including a touch of awesomeness to your apple iphone, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as well as get hold of DisplayCandy.